- St Brendans College -

The Total Pro Soccer Post 16 Academy programme has been designed for young people, both male and female, who have a passion and talent for football and who wish to pursue their football development alongside developing and enhancing their academic status.
The programme is unique in that its primary focus is one of ‘Academics First’ which is strongly supported by a professional academy standard training programme that allows students to develop as a player, whilst preparing themselves for either Higher Education, Football Scholarships Abroad, Further Training or Employment.

Training is planned in to the students’ timetable to allow for them to train three times per week and play on a Wednesday afternoon. Students will play in either Category 2 or 3 of the British Colleges League. They will also represent the college in the British Colleges Cup and English Schools Football Association Cup. Where appropriate, students will also be nominated for trials with the County, South West and England Schools Trials.

The programme is based on an annual participation basis meaning that students can be a part of the programme for as long as they are a student here at college studying on a Sport & PE course, provided they pass the annual trial and, whilst on the course, meet all academic, behavioural and playing expectations.


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